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WordCamp connected me with some amazing people. I am inspired with new ideas and concepts. Ready to take on the last part of 2011 with renewed vigor for WordPress greatness!
Ashley Shaw
I look forward to attending WordCamp Cape Town next year. 🙂
Hey Guys thanks a ton, the WordCamp was a prize in and of it’self so getting extras like this is a real bonus.
Nur Ahmad Furlong
Thanks for getting in touch with me – great to hear about the prize!I’ve been raving to mates about the awesomeness of the Wordcamp conference, but realized that I haven’t sent you guys a message to convey how much I benefited from it.I’ve been to a couple of different “tech conferences” and none of them have been any good at providing any real substance in terms of actually implementing various practices. Wordcamp, however, was far more in-depth and provided real solutions that I could implement immediately into my company’s day-to-day operations.So a massive thanks from my side and I look forward to Wordcamp 2012!
Nick Smit
This is great news 🙂 always good to win something!
On a separate note, thanks for a great event, looking forward to next year.
We really had a blast there and it was great to see so much Buzz around WordPress!
Seeing as you guys has such awesome success, you must set one up for Joburg as well 😉 Would love to have you guys here!
Thanks again for an awesome event and chat soon!
Really enjoyed the day too. Well done on a great job.
I think the main thing that can be said about Wordcamp for us is that our eyes were opened oto many new possibilities for both internal products and for client websites. Any perceived ”limitations” of WordPress were proven incorrect.
Through feedback and chatting to the speakers we gained invaluable information that we can now implement in our development processes. The event was well organised and very worthwhile for us.
Ryan Minnaar

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